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Kalocsa Miskei, út.


+36 78 463 001



About us

Thanks to the many developments it has carried out in the past few years at its headquarters in the town of Kalocsa, Hungary, Kunság Kft. has established a cattle slaughterhouse that complies with all EU requirements.

Kunság Kft. operates in the meat processing and meat retail and wholesale sectors. Our company is engaged in primary meat processing. Specifically, we perform the slaughter of cattle and calf livestock, and produce quartered beef and veal carcass, as well as offal and by-products.

We sell our products both in the domestic market and abroad. Our main export line is quartered beef, which we sell in the Netherlands, Italy and Austria.

Besides our core activity, we also distribute other meat-industry products. Our retail activities are conducted through our two shops in Siófok.

  • Pelso – Hús Kft. 8600 Siófok Vámház u. 2.

To ensure the safe production of food products in compliance with the applicable laws and European standards, we place particular emphasis on hygiene, the operation of a HACCP system, and adherence to the system of international food safety requirements.